Why Meal Prep Helps

Meal Prep, everyone’s favourite word….

There are a number of benefits that do come with meal prepping, both in terms of money and your health.


  • It gives you complete control of what you are eating and therefore keeps you on track of where you want to get to [1].
  • The cost of getting food out all the time, can come in as larger expense than people realise. It often goes as a small cost everyday, but it soon as up without you realising [1].
  • With increasing concerns around the amount of plastic we use, it is becoming ever more important to reduce our waste impact. By meal prepping, we are enabling ourselves to reduce the amount of plastic we are using in our day to day lives [1].
  • For self benefits, it allows you to keep track and not stray from where you want to be. By having the correct meal plans and prepping them. It is likely that you will reach your target in a sustainable and healthy way [1].


  • Make sure to keep it simple, by doing this, it’ll allow you to ensure that the task of meal prepping does not become too overwhelming.
  • Ensure that when making your recipes that it is something that you will enjoy. Make sure it is something which you would look forward to eating
  • Make sure to reward yourself. If you have completed a good week, make sure to take time to have a reward. By doing this. You are allowing yourself to be motivated to complete the next week with ease. This will lead to consistency with your meal prepping

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