Whats New In The Smart Fitness Industry

In this more high tech world that we are now living in. The fitness industry seems to be at the forefront of innovative new technologies and how they can take your workout to the next level. At Riverside, we take a look at the up and coming smart fitness which can enhance your workout!

Smart Watches

By having fitness watches, such as FitBit or Garmin watches. These are hugely popular due to their continuing expansion and developing technologies. The major plus of having one of these watches is the accountability[1] which come with wearing one of these watches. The make sure that you are hitting the targets that you are wanting to hit. Furthermore, the goals which are implemented on the watches will also allow can be specific for the individual. This means that there is always for you, and your needs. Some of the watches enable added features such as weather, texts or calls [1].

Smart Water Bottles

Though it seems one of the simplest thing, often we forgot to drink enough during the day. The next smart fitness gadget is the smart water bottle! It is important to drink water normally and during exercise because we are made up of 60% water [2]! By ensuring you are drinking water, it will keep both your skin and body healthy. Moreover, it helps to regulate your body temperature. Finally, it has indicated that by having water helps to boost your workout [2]! There are now these water bottles available which enable you to alert you when you haven’t picked up your water bottle, such as Ozmo! Therefore keeping you on track to ensure you are in-taking enough water. On the other hand there is the possibility of getting water bottles with the writing on them, saving a few pennies…….

Smart Headphones

Gone were the days when you have tangled cable when you are trying to complete a circuit. We the endless, sensibly priced headphones now available, it has allowed workouts to be completed much more effectively. Instead of having adjust yourself to allow you continue to listen to music. By having a bluetooth connection and sweat resistant mechanisms, this allows you to have a seamless workout. These smart headphones can be either cheap, such as Sonys, or if you want able to, get Bose

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