Riverside Sports- Your Safety Matters To Us



Riverside Gloucester – Can operate as normal with the COVID-19 protocols put in place prior to lockdown 2.0. Classes are still going ahead and booking system is the same as before

Riverside Bristol – Due to being in tier 3, exercise classes cannot take place and members must train alone. The government will be re-viewing this in 14 days. Swimming and gym are running as usual with same booking system for swimming.

Riverside Cardiff – Can operate as normal with the COVID-19 protocols put in place prior to lockdown 2.0. Classes are still going ahead.

To control capacity we have introduced a bottle system. Please see the video for more information on how we are keeping safe.

This has been filmed at Riverside Gloucester. Riverside Bristol has a slightly different layout and Cardiff is done on capacity. Booking for classes and swimming is required. This can be done through the Membr App or by calling reception. Bookings can be made for the week in advance from 8pm. Any member attending a class must book a slot like normal.

 On the app you will be able to toggle it to the specific day you wish to book a class or swim slots.

Peak and off peak hours still apply. If you have the off peak option you need to book slots before 4:30 weekday.

Whilst in the gym, we ask that you stay one metre away from other members. Some equipment may have signs to ensure social distancing takes place.

When entering and leaving the gym you will need to sanitize your hands. Some of our staff may be wearing masks. Our reception has a safety screen for both our staff and your safety. 

Class numbers will be controlled to ensure social distancing. This will vary for each class. The Membr booking system will show capacity. 

Please wipe down equipment thoroughly before and after use. We have increased the number of cleaning stations throughout the club. 

Changing rooms will be available for swimmers only. You will need to book your slot for swimming through the membr app. (Sauna/Steam Room/Jacuzzi are out of use for now). All gym and class users will need to come changed and won’t be able to shower.

At Riverside Gloucester only. Squash can resume under the England squash guidelines. Please see here: 



We ask for you to bring your own water and drinks for now. We are keeping water fountains out of use.

Changing rooms will be available for swimming only at the moment. We also advise bringing as little as your can to the gym.

We are prohibiting pair or partner training unless you share a household.

We have also introduced a one way system. Please follow the directions. All direction of travel will be clear.

How to book classes and swimming on the Membr App.

Please see our video below on how to book classes and swimming.