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Riverside Bristol closed from 9pm tonight

Following the latest ruling from the government regarding the fight to contain and delay the Covid-19 virus, Riverside Bristol will be closed from 9pm tonight (Friday 20th March).

The Prime Minister has said that the situation will be reviewed each month and we will keep you up to date with any news here and via our Facebook and Instagram pages.

All gym memberships will be frozen, so no further money will be taken from your bank accounts.

At times like this, where stresses are high and many of us are confined to our homes, it is really important to look after each other and take care of our mental and physical health.

We know that our Club has a strong social community so please do think of each other as well as taking care of yourselves. Now is the time to pull together. Social media will become even more important as a way to keep communicating, especially with those who may be isolated alone.

We will continue to offer as much support as we can via this news section and out social media pages. We have plans for Facebook Live classes to help keep you all exercising, and will also share tips and help for anyone who needs it. So keep an eye on all channels of information and keep in touch!

In the meantime here are a few tips to keep you healthy at home:

Structure your day
Make a timetable of what you will do each hour, eg. exercise, reading, gardening, baking.

Keep your body moving
Exercise can help to boost your immune system and relieve stress, and everyone can do something – stretch and move, go for a walk, run up the stairs, a home weights session, an online HIIT workout.

Keep your brain active
Challenge your mind with sudoku, crossword puzzles, learning a new skill, your kid’s homework!

Eat well
Lots of vitamins and minerals will keep your body and mind fit and healthy. Eat balanced meals, homemade food, plenty of fruit and vegetables, and jazz up the flavours with herbs and spices.