Membership Terms


  • No contracts, ie no 12 month tie in! Membership is simply a rolling monthly direct debit.
  • 7 day cooling off period from joining.
  • Thereafter, providing your first payment is successful, you may cancel at any time by simply cancelling the direct debit at your bank, prior to your payment collection date. By cancelling the direct debit, your membership is automatically cancelled. Cancellation is solely the member’s responsibility and Riverside cannot be held liable for any payment processed after you have cancelled at your bank.
  • Please note if you cancel during month one, before your first direct debit payment, please notify us as a computer generated cancellation letter may go out. Please do not worry, this is easily cleared.
  • Payment collection dates are typically one calendar month after the date you join. Your first month’s membership is taken immediately by credit or debit card payment.
  • Advice can be given by the team at your local Riverside club, or by contacting the direct debit company, Harland’s Group, at 
  • Alternatively you can freeze your membership. By freezing, you keep your membership running, and will not be subject to joining fees upon return up to a maximum of 12 months. If you choose to cancel, and then wish to re-join at a later date, joining fees and other charges are applicable.
  • Memberships and rates are reviewed annually.
  • Upon joining a £20 admin fee (joining fee) is charged. This is a one-off payment which is also taken at the point of joining by credit or debit card along with your first month’s payment.