Keeping our members safe

We are very excited to be opening again soon, and have been preparing the gym to reduce the risks to our members.

At the beginning of July a team from Guardian CCS Ltd sanitised the gym.

This is what they’ve said about their product: The disinfectant works by forming a biostatic coating on all surfaces it comes into contact with, once allowed to dry. Once dry, the surface coating is colourless, odourless and is perfectly safe and does not allow any pathogen, bacteria or virus to either penetrate or grow on it. It has been tested to still be active 28 days after application. It’s a unique disinfectant, it is also bleach, chlorine and alcohol free. It also uses positively charged particles at 40 microns so all surfaces are evenly coated. In essence if you touch a protected surface it will re-disinfect itself.

The entire gym has been sprayed with the disinfectant