How To Stay Motivated

Through the summer months it can be hard to maintain motivation to go to the gym. With the impending summer holiday or the (sometimes) glorious weather. In this blog, we give you tips on staying motivated to keep coming to the gym and the importance of maintaining the fitness throughout the summer! At Riverside Sports, we want to ensure you enjoy your workout keep your consistency!

To stay motivated make sure to:

  • Keep a diary. This allows you to make yourself more accountable for your workouts. If you schedule them in during work and other commitments. This will allow you to have the time to remain committed.
  • Have a training buddy. By having someone accountable for you, it will allow you increase your motivation. Furthermore, it will make the process more enjoyable
  • Reward yourself. This often can sometimes be hard, because you may feel you are nowhere near your end goal. By having yourself smaller goals and rewarding yourself for them. It is much more likely that you will achieve the bigger goal. Its important to take a step back and see what you have achieved in the short space of time. This will make the longer process much more enjoyable and may make it go much quicker!
  • Make sure not to make it purely on looks. this will come at a later stage. Make sure to get fit for your mental health. Going to the gym is a great stress relief and therefore it should be more about how it makes you feel, rather than how it makes you look.
  • Moreover, have new and exciting challenges that you can look forward to! By having these goals, you potentially may reach your goal at a much quicker time than you first anticipated. These can include mud runs, or 5kms! Or an event you’ve always wanted to compete it! It will make the purpose also more fulfilling.

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