Cardio? Why is it so important?

Written by Rob Norman, Duty Manager, Riverside Gloucester Why Cardio? There are a number of benefits which come with cardiovascular exercise, or cardio for short. In this blog we will look into the positive effects that cardio can have on your day to day life. Cardio can include walking, running, cycling or cross training, and … Read more

Healthy Head, Healthy Heart.

A healthy head is the key to a healthy heart. In our most recent blog we look at how a change of mindset can go a long way to helping long term health goals. It’s about mind over matter. A clear and positive mindset is half the battle to helping yourselves become healthier. The majority … Read more

#NationalFitnessDay – Importance In Staying Fit

#NationalFitnessDay Check out our blog below on the importance of keeping fit and healthy on #NationalFitnessDay In often can be hard to maintain fitness over time. Often going in and out of diets, trying new fitness regimes. By engaging with a positive and sustainable fitness plan. So on #NationalFitnessDay, at Riverside Sports, look into the … Read more

Why Meal Prep Helps

Meal Prep, everyone’s favourite word…. There are a number of benefits that do come with meal prepping, both in terms of money and your health. BENEFITS OF MEAL PREP It gives you complete control of what you are eating and therefore keeps you on track of where you want to get to [1]. The cost … Read more

Body Pump Riverside

Riverside Sports & Leisure Club Gloucester - fitness studio and classes

Join Now! Body Pump Riverside is here to sculpt, tone and strengthen your body – fast. It’s a barbell workout; a form of resistance training that focuses on low-level weights and multiple repetitions.Body Pump Riverside is highly effective as it works for all the major muscle groups, giving you a total body workout that burns up to 540 … Read more

5 Benefits Of Group Exercises

Group exercise classes are proving one of the most popular fitness trends of 2018. These classes go beyond losing weight and gaining muscle; by offering physical and mental benefits, group exercise classes gives members the potential to achieve great results and improve overall health, while having fun. This doesn’t mean that solo exercise training is … Read more

Supporting the Jacob Abraham Foundation

This month we are supporting the Jacob Abraham Foundation for all of the tremendous work they do locally within our area in regards to mental health and suicide prevention. That’s why we are donating all £5 joining fees to their cause to help spread their training and support in groups and in one to one … Read more