Riverside Bristol is open.

Hooray the gym is opening!

It’s been great to welcome so many members back in the club, both old and new members. Obviously we will do everything we can to keep you safe, with staff and members all following Covid guidelines; social distancing, hand sanitising and washing, temperature checks, to name a few. Members will be kept up to date … Read more

New kit’s on the block

Two new Stairmasters at Riverside

Come in and see the two shiny new Stairmasters which arrived this afternoon at Riverside Bristol. The perfect cardio blast to add to your functional workout.If you need help getting started just ask a member of staff.

Class of The Week – Yoga

Our final class of the week in the month of August is Yoga. Yoga, in terms  of its history has the biggest timeline. It has been stated that yoga began over 5,000 years ago [1]. There have been four periods throughout history and, still to this day remained an important aspects of exercise routine [2]. … Read more

Class Of The Week – Dance Fit

Dance Fit, has become an recent phenomenon that has become increasingly common throughout the fitness industry. It has been indicated that 14 million people in 150 countries are take partaking in Dance Fit [1]. Make sure to book onto one of our classes at Riverside! The positive impacts of Dancefit include: To begin with, the … Read more

Class Of The Week – Spin

Indoor cycling became an international fitness phenomenon in the 1990s [1] and has since become a statement class her at Riverside Sports! With the variations in the classes and what they can offer, spin classes are a class to make sure you have a go at. Available for anyone at any level, it’s a class … Read more

Class of the Week – Aqua Aerobics

Riverside Sports & Leisure Club Gloucester - swimming pool

Aqua Aerobics During through the month of August we look at the different classes that we have on offer. First of all being Aqua Aerobics. There are a number of benefits which can help with your health with aqua aerobics. Benefits Include: To begin with, it helps to increase strength in muscle, though it may … Read more

Why Meal Prep Helps

Meal Prep, everyone’s favourite word…. There are a number of benefits that do come with meal prepping, both in terms of money and your health. BENEFITS OF MEAL PREP It gives you complete control of what you are eating and therefore keeps you on track of where you want to get to [1]. The cost … Read more