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Want to train your clients in a friendly, social environment? 

Come down to Riverside Bristol to see what we have to offer! Competitive rental rates! Please email: for more information!  

What our members say…

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Riverside has everything that you could possibly need to have a good workout. It provides excellent value for money in a pleasant, friendly environment.
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I’m an overweight middle-aged woman. Riverside is the only gym that I was made to feel comfortable and welcome at. I now enjoy coming to the gym!
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Riverside is a great gym for all of the family. The membership plan is really flexible - you can suspend it for a period of time to avoid paying when you're not going to use it.
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The thing I love the most is the family atmosphere. You can get on with the staff like they’re your mates and the classes are always good.
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Riverside is the best gym I’ve ever had the privilege to be a member of! You can tell that the staff genuinely care about the members and their environment.


As a Personal Trainer, Charles specialises in weight loss, nutrition, heavy lifting and building muscle.

Charles is looking at working with clients that are serious about making a long-term difference through my tutorship of holistic coaching. Charles will look into all things health and fitness, such as excercise, nutrition, sleep, and daily step counts to help my clients see the results they want.

Through his experience in coaching, you can achieve and expect amazing results.

Qualifications: Level 3 Personal Trainer | Exercise to Music | Group Exercise instructor


Laverne can help you to get fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. She works with people of all levels of fitness, including seniors and pre/post natal, and specialises in exercise for people living with conditions such as arthritis, diabetes and cancer.

T: 07502 278343
Or speak to Riverside reception


Katie can help you with weight management, getting fit, increasing your strength, nutrition advice and achieving your fitness goals. Katie has extensive experience in weight loss programmes, and is able to work with people of all abilities and all levels of fitness to reach their personal goals. 

T: 07935 556439

Or speak to Riverside Reception